Our People

Investment Committee Members

Werner von Guionneau

Chief Executive Officer, InfraRed Capital Partners
Werner joined Charterhouse Bank in 1995. He is the Chief Executive Officer of InfraRed Capital Partners.

Owen Ho

Chief Executive Officer, Vervain Resources Limited
Owen is the Chief Executive Officer of Vervain Resources Limited and is responsible for real estate deal sourcing, project management and asset management.

Stephen Yuen

Non-executive Chairman, InfraRed NF
Stephen joined InfraRed NF in 2007 as its Chief Executive Officer.

Stuart Jackson

Chief Executive Officer, InfraRed NF
Stuart joined InfraRed Capital Partners in 2006.

Senior Investment Professionals

Hans Kang

Chief Investment Officer
Hans joined InfraRed NF in 2016 as Chief Investment Officer. Hans oversees the investment team of InfraRed NF.

Steven Duong

Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Steven joined InfraRed NF in 2010. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of InfraRed NF.

Anthony Chou

Head of Asset Management
Anthony joined InfraRed NF in 2008 and his deal experience includes No. 1 Financial Street.

Grant Chien

Head of Special Situations Financing
Grant joined InfraRed NF in 2009 and focuses on deal origination, execution and fundraising.

Yuki Ren

Investment Director
Yuki joined InfraRed NF in 2007 and focuses on deal origination, execution and asset management.

Henry Chan

Investment Director
Henry joined InfraRed NF in 2007 and focuses on internal control, operations, tax compliance and project financing.

Ivan Fang

Investment Director

Xiaonan Chen

Vice President
Xiaonan joined InfraRed Capital Partners in 2011.

Nicholas Jiang

Investment Director

Kasey Wong

Vice President
Kasey joined InfraRed NF in 2013 and focuses on investment underwriting and investor relations.

Winkie Chu

Finance Director
Winkie joined InfraRed NF in 2012. She leads the Finance team with main responsibilities including financial reporting, project financing and corporate structuring for the underlying investments. Prior to joining InfraRed NF, Winkie worked for KPMG for five years, where she gained extensive experience in advisory services associated with mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and auditing in the property and infrastructure sector. Winkie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from University of South Wales, and is a fellow member of both the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.